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FIRST DATA INDEPENDENT SALES merchant account types

Why You Should Apply For A First Data Independent Sales Merchant Account

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, FIRST DATA INDEPENDENT SALES has the payment solution to support your processing needs. First Data Independent Sales administers to the needs of traditional and Internet businesses, as well as restaurants, mail order/telephone order and home-based businesses.

First Data Independent Sales offers merchants the most sophisticated secure payment gateway in the industry with three user-friendly online payment solutions, which can be tailored specifically to your business.

FIRST DATA INDEPENDENT SALES's online payment solutions support all major credit cards, including purchasing cards and other payment methods, such as electronic checks.

Suggested services are:

*The products above are powered by First DataSM Global Gateway

Brick-and-morter merchants have a variety of products, services and transaction rates available to them.

FIRST DATA INDEPENDENT SALES's payment solutions support all major credit cards, ATM/debit cards, purchasing cards and checks.

Suggested products are:

Brick-and-mortar merchants who sell face to face and swipe at least 90% of their MasterCard® and Visa® transactions may receive a lower discount rate and transaction fee. Purchasing card, mobile and home-based merchants who process within the above criteria may also receive a lower discount rate. The transaction fee for wireless merchants is slightly higher.

Due to increased risk and fraud potential, merchants who manually key the majority of their MasterCard and Visa transactions are subject to a higher discount rate and transaction fee. In addition, all keyed transactions must be accompanied by an Address Verification Service (AVS) response. An AVS inquiry incurs an additional fee.

FIRST DATA INDEPENDENT SALES's suite of payment solutions offers small to medium-size restaurants (incuding franchises and chains) unique payment options for their customers. The payment options available include acceptance of major credit and ATM/debit cards.

Restaurants typically conduct face-to-face business transactions and have a lower ratio of credit card fraud and chargebacks. Therefore, restaurant merchants qualify for a lower discount rate and transaction fee.

Software Solutions
Different business's have different needs. POS Software Solutions allow functionality that is not offered through traditional methods.

The latest software technology allows you to keep long term records on your computers hardware. This allows for easy access when generating reports and balancing daily and month end totals.

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